Basics tank construction

Please ensure the following for the designing of your tank:

    • All dimensions based on the shape (length, width, height etc.) and tubes are to be specified as external dimensions, diameters for hoses and drill-holes are required as internal dimensions and threads (external and internal) are to be specified in inches
    • If the tank is to contain a liquid medium, a vent must be provided in addition to an inlet and outlet in order to avoid overpressure or underpressure during filling and emptying
    • The vent should be placed at the highest point of the tank
    • A tank can stay without any outlet as long as a pump incl. suction nozzle is integrated
    • If manual cleaning on the inside is required, at least one cleaning opening must be installed
    • The drain should be placed at the lowest point of the plastic container, if possible, to ensure residue-free emptying
    • The cleaning openings protrude approx. 8 mm from the container, can also be welded in from the inside on request at no extra cost and do not stand out as a result

Please find below an example of a tank to contain a liquid medium:

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