To be able to create your tank, we need to receive a drawing with details of necessary dimensions and all desired connections. Furthermore it would be important to understand which medium (e.g. water, urea / AdBlue or diesel) is to be stored and which forces may have an effect on the tank and whether cleaning on the inside is necessary. As an alternative you are welcome to provide us a model made of wood, cardboard or Styrofoam®. Main site services

You can send us the old tank which is to be replaced. Alternatively, it is possible to come to our factory so that we can take measurements on site. In most cases, however, simple drawings are quite sufficient and if anything is unclear we would get in contact with you. Furthermore, a home visit by us is also possible. Main site basics tank construction

Customized tank construction for boats and camper is our main business, but as our company is characterized by great flexibility we are also active for other industries or manufacture products for private use.

Once you receive our order confirmation in writing, a 3 - 4 weeks delivery time must be expected. However, this varies according to the order situation and is not a guarantee.

If you provide us drawings by e-mail, please use the following format: pdf, doc, docx, ods, ots, tiff, tif, jpeg, jpg or png. Alternatively, you are welcome to send the data as a fax or by post.

We do not attend any trade show or event in 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Main site events

You are welcome to come around, please contact us beforehand to make an appointment. Main site contact

Material High-density polyethylene

All our products are made of 100% high-density polyethylene (PE-HD). Main site material

On one hand, steel as material is much more cost-intensive and on the other hand, the density is approx. 7.85 g/cm³, whereas polyethylene has a density of 0.96 g/cm³. As a result, an enormous weight saving is achieved. In addition, PE-HD is food-safe and corrosion-resistant.

Basically, all rectangular shapes can be manufactured. In addition, curves are possible within certain technical limits.

Polyethylene is a food-safe material, which is why there are no adverse effects in terms of taste or smell.

In principle, the products manufactured by us should be operated without pressure. However, it is not possible to give an exact figure, as the load capacity depends a.o. on the shape and the wall thickness used. Basically, small containers made of PE-HD with a wall thickness of 8 mm and extruded seams can withstand a pressure of at least 0.3 bar for a short time.

Polyethylene has a density of ca. 0.96 g/cm³, whereas steel has a density of approx. 7.85 g/cm³. It can be assumed that a tank made of polyethylene is about 40% to 50% lighter than the same tank made of steel.

The material can be machined by means of the usual cutting production processes, such as sawing or drilling. There is also the possibility of joining, e.g. in the form of hot gas welding or hot gas extrusion welding. However, adhesive bonding is an exception and rather difficult to implement with this material. Main site technology

The tanks can be manufactured in black or natural white, whereby the weld seams are always black. On express request, we also produce natural white weld seams.


For this common problem, cleaning openings can be welded into the container. These have an inner diameter of 125 mm, which means that cleaning by hand is no longer an issue.

Subsequent installation of cleaning openings in steel tanks are possible at any time.

In general, there are no restrictions regarding the installation of connections on containers as each plastic tank manufactured in our company is a custom-made product.

In principle, there are no restrictions in regards to adding holding tabs to PE tanks.

Generally, the size of the tank defines the number of interior walls used. Additional interior walls can be installed on request.

Upon special request, we handle the measurements and build, for example, an urea tank.

If the tank is made of high-density polyethylene (PE-HD), we are able to do a repair.

If you have any question which is not listed above, please give us a call or send us a message. Main site contact

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