High-density polyethylene (PE-HD)

The plastic high-density-polyethylene (PE-HD) is a thermoplastic which, among other things, has the property of being reversibly deformable within a certain temperature range. The atomic structure is characterized by a concatenation of CH2 molecules, whereby the semi-crystalline structure enables the material to be welded. 

The global production volume of 40 million tons achieved in 2017 is the interim result of a decades-long continuous increase that stresses the material growing importance. In addition to container construction, PE-HD is also used for molded parts such as household goods, waste garbage cans and sewage pipes.


  • Food-safe (unchanged taste and smell)
  • Very good resistance to Diesel, seawater, acids and alkalis
  • Permanent temperature resistance up to 80°C (Diesel and urea up to 50°C)
  • Smell-impermeable
  • Low density of 0.96 g/cm³ (buoyant)
  • Good UV resistance (black material)
  • Corrosion and aging resistance
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties
  • Recyclable
  • Technical material, not optical plastic

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